Understanding Positions at a Poker Table to Get an Edge Over the Opponents

Most players would only know that it is good to be in the last position so that they can act last but except for that there are several other facts one needs to know about the different positions at the table. With that end in view it is important to be aware about popular poker types being played in casinos. Having this knowledge would give you an edge over others and help you save quite a lot of money. You may check out poker download page and apply these rules to online poker as well. These recommendations may also suit to online blackjack and online roulette.

A relative position is your position at a poker table in relation to the position of the first pre flop raiser. This position is quite important because it can affect the value of your position in that particular hand, even if you are in the last position. The example given below would help make this clear.

If there are three players playing for the pot and the first player places the big blind and the second player raises the blind. You call the raise and the initial player also calls this raise and the remaining players fold their hands. In this example you are on the left of the person who raises which would be good since you would be acting last on each hand. But, if the first caller continues in the game it would mean that you would be in an uncomfortable situation on the flop. The initial raiser would generally continue to bet even on the flop and then you would not be the last one to act on that hand. This would only be a dangerous situation since you would be against two players you do not know much about and you would not be able to play last.

Using relative position for your advantage

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The most beneficial thing is to know of the implication of the relative position and remain careful when you call a raiser if there are other opponents who would be acting after you in an early position. If you can make yourself familiar with situations where you can get trapped then you would be able to save yourself by folding in hands that are not strong.

If you are in an early position it would work in your advantage when there is a raiser and a caller because you would be able to take the last decision on the flop. Being on the right hand side of a player that continues the bet would actually put you as the last player on the flop.


•    When you are in a late position be aware of any call and re raise.

•    Only call if you have a very strong hand.

•    Being in the late position would not always give you an advantage in the hand, you must keep this in mind.


The more you would practice the more comfortable you would get with this concept. The main thing to remember is that although you might be in the late position it would not always be beneficial for you. You should be aware of the situations where this could turn out to be in fact dangerous for you. This awareness only comes with practice and once you come across more of these situations your knowledge about this topic would also increase.

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