Strategies for Winning Online Poker

Any online game, be it poker, online blackjack or online roulette has its own rules which can be used for your own advantage to win the game. In poker too, it doesn’t matter what kind of poker you play or how long you have been playing it, there are a few basic rules which if you follow will surely be to your best advantage. Here are a few components of the strategies that can make winning online poker easy.

It is always good to be able to manage your own money. Do not be careless with money that you cannot afford to loose out on a game so always define your own limits and play the game according to that. The amount of money in the hold’em games is about three hundred times more than the bet amount. The more amounts there would be at stake the more uncomfortable you would be. What is even more important is choosing the right table. Sitting at the first table you come across is not a good idea. You would have to keep a few things in mind like the minimum amount of bet, the number of players, and the kind of game, your position and the kind of players on the table.

What matters in strategy

In every type of online poker strategy the most important is the starting player’s strength of the hand. Some groups of hands are worth playing and some are just not worth your money. The list of the starting hands from highest to lowest is AA, KK, QQ, AK, JJ to begin with are the strongest followed by AQ, AJ, KQ, AK, 10 10. Medium strong hands are A10, QJ, J10, KJ, AQ,99.  And the lowest of all are 10 9, KQ,88, J9, K10 and AJ.

If you have been poker for a while you would notice that the hands from the first two groups are usually not dealt that often, but it does occur. When you are dealt with any of those cards you would need to bet aggressively since they stand high chances of winning. With the rest of the cards you must go with the flow and see what the other cards reveal.

If you really want to win then you must stay alert and pay attention to every single hand. Take notes on your opponents, their habits and their style. Notice the ones that are conservative players and who bluff and play aggressively quite often. Depending on what types of opponents you are up against you can decide on your actions.

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