Keeping your Opponents Happy to Win More

Most players at a poke table would be annoyed with a player who talks too much since its grabs their attention and doesn’t allow them to concentrate on their thoughts. This doesn't hold true for those who play online roulette or online blackjack. Opponents, especially when they are going through a rough game, would want to just be in peace and think about their losses and their game play. You should never try to get in their way of escaping within their own thoughts. Your goal should be to have opponents who would be happy enough to not mind giving away their money to them. If they are happy, they wouldn’t mind loosing to you and would be openly willing to loose against you and this is only beneficial to you.

Opponents Don’t Mind

At times everyone on the poker table would be friendly and conversational and that is fine. But at other times players are generally silent and brooding over their hands. When they are playing a hand, they would not be lost day dreaming and that would be the best time to talk to them. In fact they would not really mind it because they would always be on the look out for some information about you. Here would be your chance to provide them the information, but false information, based on which they would then act.

Often, when you are talking to your opponents during a hand you can gauge through their reactions what kind of a hand they have and based on that you can decide what to do next. Most of the players would try to act weak when they have a strong hand and vice versa, so you must keep that in mind too. Keep talking to them till you come to know what their hands are like and then choose your next steps, if you give the impression that you happy they would think you have a great hand and it becomes easier for you to bluff. At times the knowledge that you get from talking during the hands is not worth much but generally it can be profitable if you use it correctly.

There would always be a reason

Do not talk for no reason, speak of the right things at the right times. If you want your bet to be called you would need to say the right things to make it happen. If you can’t figure out what would be the right thing to say, its better to say nothing rather than have things work against you. You also need to be sensitive about when to talk and when to be silent according to the situation. How you behave at the table will matter a lot to your game in the long run. Opponents do not always make their decisions based on the cards they have; psychology plays its part too. Your opponent would make his decision based on what he thinks of you and what he thinks your cards are like.

People Know

Saying the right thing at the right times makes a lot of difference no matter where you use it in life. In poker too saying the right things would increase your earnings if you do it right in comparison to when you just play silently. In situations you would be able to manipulate your opponents into giving their money away to you when you say the right things, and over the long run it turns out to be a lot of money.

A good tip

There is a very powerful tip that would make your opponents to bet even on their weak hands and make them out rightly just bluff. Its just one word but when you use it in situations when you have a strong hand your opponents would bet rather than just check on your hand. The word is “might” and why this works is because most players do not see through it. If you just say you might call, the response would generally be a bet from your opponent.  

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