Joe Bernstein, a Person Who Gambled Aggressively and Dressed Well

This man lived on the road looking for the poker groove in times when gambling was outlawed. He was born in 1899 and gambled until he died in 1975.

Of course, he settled in Las Vegas once gambling was legalized. He was also known as a well-dressed guy, who always put on the best clothing when he was going to gamble.

Hall of Fame

He was the one, who won World Series of Poker bracelet in 1973. It was in the Limit Ace to Five Draw and he was inscribed in the Poker Hall of Fame in 1983. There are many criteria, according to which the players are inscribed into the Hall of Fame. The players have to have the played games against the best competitors in the field, participated in the top competitions, played high-stakes, had respect of the poker fans and played regularly well.

The Poker Hall of Fame was started in 1979 and was acquired by Harrah's Entertainment.

After him the 6-9 hand was called. Although there are other names for this combination, like big lick, good position, good lover and so on, Joe Bernstein is supposed to be the best one, as it does not cause any association with the combination number.

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