List of Terms in Poker

Action Spot: The area on the table where the betting is happening. Also used in online roulette.

Braggers: A game where Jacks and nines are used as wild cards or in another case the ace of diamonds, the jack of clubs, and the nine of diamonds are all used as wild cards.

Catbird Seat: In a high low poker game, a position which would ensure that the player gets half of the pot at least.

Draw Poker: The other basic form of poker except for stud which is played with a closed draw as a closed five cards hand.

Eagles: In a sixty five deck of cards, the cards of the fifth suit.

Flat Call: A form of calling which would emphasize that the player did not raise the hand.

Game Behavior: Any type of artificial behavior used during a game of poker.

Hold Out: To conceal cards for using them in them in the future for cheating.

Immortal: (1) A hand which would be the best possible one. (2) A player who would be certain to be a winner.

Joker: The 53rd card which would be added to a deck (Refer to Bug).

Kankakee: A seven card stud game in which the joker is used as wild.

Little Virginia: A six card stud game in which a player’s low hole card is used as wild.

Match the Pot: To bet an amount equal to what is already there in the pot.

No Limit: A game in which any size of raise or bet is allowed.

Overhand Stack: A shuffling technique which uses an overhand for stacking cards.

Poverty Poker: A type of game in which a player could only loose a fixed amount of money, after which the winner’s chips can be used to play.

Pull Through: A technique used by cheating players for false shuffling

Quarter: To win chips equaling to one fourth of the chips in the pot.

Robin Hood Cheater: A player who cheats for another player without any benefit for himself.

Spit in the Ocean: A draw poker game where according to the rules a card which is exposed and the other cards that match to it are taken as wild during the game

String Bet: A bet which is made in parts to get reactions for the opponents, especially the one’s on the player’s left, which is not allowed in many clubs and casinos.

Tilt: When a player is upset or angry for any reason he might do things that they would know are not good for the game.

Top Pair: If there are three cards in a game which are all of different ranks on the flop during any flop game and if a player’s pair is of the highest value, than that pair is known to be a top pair

Up Cards: In stud the cards that are placed face up. Just like in online blackjack.

Window Dressing: A card which is intentionally revealed or flashed from the closed hand of a particular player during the game

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