Poker Tournament Play - Understanding Point of No Return

When it comes to playing in a poker tournament, there are many important concepts and one such is the “point of no return” in which the player has placed so many chips on the table that all he can do is forge ahead and place the rest of his chips and hope to win. This can also happen in online blackjack tournaments. Even though this can happen in any poker game, it is seen to occur more in a tournament rather than when the game is for money.

Define the situation

This concept of going in for a point of no return is simple to comprehend and can occur in any poker game. This is so because in poker even the worst of hands can show improvements when other cards dealt on the table will aid and better the hand. So, sometimes it makes more sense to go all out rather than backing out. In every game there is this possibility of getting a good hand or getting good help from other cards. In a situation where in you have to either bet or have to raise, then you should consider the chip position with the size of the pot to make a decision. If your decision is to continue the game, instead of just calling, you can go all out and put all your chips in the pot.

To give you better knowledge of this type of situation wherein you need to do this, study this fitting example. You are playing pot-limit tournament Hold’em. Your chips have gotten limited to $1000 and some other player has made a preflop re-raise to $900.  AK is the combination that is in your hand. In this situation, if you are thinking of the flop to decide on whether or not to continue will be erroneous. But, on the other hand if you prefer to play all-in and get to see the complete board cards, chances are high that you will get a pair and these chances are higher than continuing based on the flop.

Take your decisions fast

If you would have just bet $900 and are looking at the flop and decided to fold, you are bound to lose out on the chances of winning if you would have been aided by the fourth or the fifth card on the table. So, by just opting to bet $100 more, you are able to see all the five cards and increase the chances of winning the hand. Instead of looking at betting $900 and then deciding to go all-in when the other player bets on the flop, it is much better to raise the bets pre-flop as your opponent will be forced to stay and remain with the game.

So, in this manner, we have seen that in tournament play, you have to either go all in to raise pre-flop or you will have to fold. Making this decision is very important as it has a bearing on the chances of making a win.

People with experience in playing tournaments are well aware of the concept where you are in a point of no return wherein you are either going to continue with an all-in or chuck the whole hand. So, every poker player wishing to get into tournament play should be aware of this important concept wherein you need to make the right decision. Well, this is quite challenging so when you feel a need to distract you may play something easier like, online roulette.

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