3-Card Poker and its Features

Poker has many variations, and Three Card Poker is one of them. As the name suggests, it is poker played using three cards. This poker variation can be played in land and online casinos. It is one of the simplest forms of poker because it is fast-paced and easy to learn.

This poker game is essentially two gambling games in one. To win in three card poker, you either get a better hand than the dealer or get at least a pair. To play 3 card poker and win, you have to understand the different card rankings involved in the game. These are the Straight, Straight Flush, Flush, Single, Pair and Trips.

3 card poker card rankings

  • The Straight Flush: This refers to three suited cards that follow a sequence
  • Three of a kind or trips: Three cards that are in the same rank
  • The Straight: Three sequential cards
  • The Flush: Three suited cards
  • The Pair: Two cards of the same rank
  • The High Card or the Single

The rules of three card poker

It is important to note that casinos require players of three card poker to play either of the games at a time, or both at the same time. Some have a strict requirement that people playing three-card poker in their casino has to play both games.

In ante/play, a player is expected to compete against the dealer. In pair plus, there are different bonus payouts for hands of one pair or more. When these games are played together, a player is expected to wager different amounts on each game.

The two games are played with a 52- card deck, and cards are distributed to the dealer in groups of three, hence the name of the game. Each player gets three cards, and the dealer gets three cards. The game starts with players placing bets in the ante or pair plus spot or both spots based on the requirements of the game.

Once the cards are dealt, the players look at their cards and may "fold", which is done by giving the cards back to the dealer. This action leads to them losing the ante bet. Otherwise, they are expected to place a bet that is equal to their ante bet.

This is followed by the dealer turning over his/her cards. If the dealer has no queen high or a higher bet than this, he/she has to pay the active players even money on the ante bets they have placed. The player with a straight or higher hand gets paid additional ante bonuses according to the rules of the game and gets a push on their play bet.

If the dealer has a qualified hand, any players at the table that are unable to beat it end up losing their ante bets and their play bets. However, they can still win an ante bonus if they have a straight or a combination greater than a straight.

Three card poker rules are easy to understand, and once you get the hang of it, the game is fast paced and fun.

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